Istanbul is the largest city in Türkiye, home to 19% of the country’s population. It is uniquely positioned on the Bosporus Strait, spanning both Europe and Asia. Türkiye is the 7th largest cotton producer in the world, with cotton being a significant export crop. Better Cotton is grown mainly in the Aegean Region, Cukurova and south-eastern Anatolia, where 67,381 tonnes of Better Cotton is produced. The first Better Cotton harvest took place in 2013 and we now have 2,018 licensed farmers in Türkiye.


Istanbul has two airports: the larger and more frequently used one, located on the European side, is Istanbul Airport (IST), while the smaller one on the Asian side is Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW). The recommended airport to fly into is Istanbul International Airport, which is approximately a 35-minute drive from the venue.

Public transport
Public transport is a quick and affordable way to get around Istanbul. The city offers metro lines, tramlines, buses, funiculars and ferries. Using the metro or trams is advisable, as buses often get stuck in the traffic.

The airport has a metro station where there is a direct line (M11) from Istanbul Airport to Gayrettepe. From there, you can change metros (without leaving the station) and join M2 line and exit at Osmanbey station, which is the closest metro station to the venue (8-10 minutes walking distance).

Bus lines
There are various bus lines that stop near the venue. You can take lines: 48N, 46T, 46C.

Paying on public transport
You will need an Istanbulkart, a contactless prepaid transportation card. You can purchase an Istanbulkart from kiosks near metro stations or install İstanbulkart mobile application and use the QR code payment system to access public transport.

Taxis to and from IST airport and the Hilton Bomonti Hotel should cost no more than 35 Euros. Additionally, you can add airport transfers when booking your registration and accommodation.
Uber is available in Türkiye. The service, however, is generally more expensive than taxis. Uber also operates through companies in Türkiye and not directly through individual drivers.


If you require a visa, you can apply for one either online or in-person at your local Turkish embassy. Once you register for the conference, you are able to generate an invitation letter to support your visa process. For more information on which countries need a visa and the application process, please visit the official Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. If you need assistance with your visa application, please contact

Please be aware that from Saturday, June 15, to Wednesday, June 19, 2024, the national holiday Eid al-Adha is celebrated in Türkiye. Government offices will be closed during this time, so plan accordingly if you need a visa.