Four Themes Focusing on One Goal: #AcceleratingImpact

We’ll be exploring topics with a clear lens on impact: From how we drive impact at field-level to how we measure it. With farmers and farm workers at the centre, we’re excited to gather retail and supply chain actors alongside other key stakeholders to work together in building a more sustainable future for cotton farming communities.

The schedule will blend plenary meetings with breakout sessions, panels and interactive workshops. All plenary sessions will be streamed live for the online conference audience.


We have an exciting schedule planned. Our welcome reception will take place in an inspiring space located opposite the hotel. We will be hosting our networking dinner on a Bosphorus Cruise with live entertainment, local cuisine and networking.

This year’s conference is all about ‘Accelerating Impact’. Our four themes are: Putting People First, Driving Change at Field Level, Understanding Policy and Industry Trends, and Reporting on Data and Traceability.

You can find more information below, but check back for more details as we get nearer to the dates.

Tuesday 25 June
Welcome Reception (Open to all conference ticket holders).

Wednesday 26 June
Conference - Day 1: 9:00 – 17:30
Evening meal and networking: 19:00 onwards
On Day 1, we’ll focus on Putting People First, and Driving Change at Field Level. Sessions will look at farmer and farm worker livelihoods and working conditions, including decent work and living incomes; as well as regenerative agriculture and soil health.

Thursday 27 June
Conference - Day 2: 9:00 – 17:00
On Day 2, we’ll be diving into policy and data. Our themes, Understanding Policy and Industry Trends, and Reporting on Data and Traceability focuses on the integration of these technical aspects to drive meaningful change. We’ll talk about due diligence legislation, our traceability programme, and explore what these discussions mean for you and how they contribute to our collective progress.